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Documentaries are an ideal medium for informing and giving viewers in-depth insight on a topic. They are typically longer than other types of videos to cover a broad range of subjects within a topic.

They are educational and can be used to raise awareness or for promotional purposes. Social media platforms such as YouTube, have improved the ways documentaries are distributed, they are able to broaden the reach of people who receive the information.

We have experience filming documentaries in several African countries including: Gabon, Zambia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Kenya, to name a few.


The advantages of documentaries:

  • Documentaries depict different perspectives of the world and help viewers understand it better. They give facts that help eliminate any superstitions and myths. 
  • Documentaries can be based on an individual region or country. Viewers who cannot travel to these countries get the knowledge about the place through documentaries.

  • Viewers retain information better - The combination of visuals, story-telling and music keeps people interested, in turn increasing the likelihood of them remembering the content.

NEPAD Fisheries Documentary


Our latest documentary project was for NEPAD Fisheries. 

Filming took place in several African countries namely: Kenya, Nigeria and several cities in South Africa including Durban, Port Elisabeth, East London and Cape Town, to name a few. You can read more about this five-part NEPAD documentary on our portfolio. Take a look at a preview of the documentary. 

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